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420Gaming was formed in late 2014, soon after the initial launch of Daybreak's H1Z1. For most of its lifespan 420G's core focus has been on Just Survive. Competing with the games biggest clan's on high pop servers (and maybe a medium pop thrown in for good measure here and there). Over time 420G has branched off into other titles while always maintaining a heavy presence and keen focus on JS and KOTK. Currently the core of the community is focused on the grind to royalty on KOTK while JS is rolling out new content.

With a squad of 30 members from over 10+ countries 420Gaming has steadly grown and maintained a core membership since day 1. While membership to 420G has always been difficult, we have recently decided to take a more relaxed approach to recruitment (due the lack of infiltrators outside JS). The vision for 420Gaming is to steadly grow a mature community that will have a permanent presence on several titles. With the recent addition of our KOTK Scrim's Team we hope to galvanize our presence in the game and replicate the strategy on to other titles.

420Gaming hosts its Own FREE Teamspeak server on a Solid DDos protected server & is for all members to use 100% Free of Charge.

We are strictly a Non profit Community and will not accept donations of any kind to support our community.....

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